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A Parent's Guide To Choosing A Safe Home Basketball Hoop For Aspiring College Players

Danielle Baker

If your child aspires to play hoops in college, then you need to know the best way to install a practice basketball hoop in your yard. Having a hoop in your yard will allow your child to get regular exercise. It will also help to build the skills your child will need in order to be successful once they reach the college level.

Basketball Hoop Installation Factors

There are three major factors that come in to play when it comes to installing a practice basketball hoop on your property.

They are:

  • pole (temporary or permanent installation)
  • hoop height
  • backboard material

In addition, you need to ensure that the playing area is level and is out of the way of hazards. Some hazards to avoid are:

  • roadways
  • thorny bushes
  • trees

It is very important that the playing area does not have any changes in grade or surface. This will help to reduce slip and fall accidents when the kids are concentrating on the game and not on where their feet are stepping.

Pole - Temporary or Permanent

If you have the space to install a permanent pole for the basketball hoop, this is the ideal situation. Choose an area that is flat and has at least enough room for a half-court area.

If you are unable to install a permanent hoop, then a portable option will work. You can store the portable hoop in your garage and it can be easily wheeled to the location your kids want to play. This can be a good option in those situations where homeowner's associations prevent you from installing a more permanent option.

Regardless of which option you choose, the basketball hoop pole should be padded to prevent serious injuries in the case that someone runs in to the pole.

Hoop Height

When it comes to hoop height, you need to take the age of the players into account. For instance, if your child is still in elementary school, then an eight foot hoop is appropriate. A hoop placed any higher will just frustrate them as they will have trouble shooting the ball.

However, if your kid is entering high school, then a regulation, ten foot hoop height is more appropriate because that is the height they will be using in their practice sessions and games.

Backboard Material

While the professionals play with glass backboards, your backyard set-up should have a plastic backboard. Glass backboards can break, and this is a safety issue.


By correctly installing the right basketball hoop in your hard, you will be helping to give your child a safe place to hone their basketball skills. If you need additional assistance with installing an appropriate home basketball hoop, then you should speak with your child's coach or with a sales associate at a sporting goods store in your local area. Additionally, before installing a basketball hoop on your property, you should verify that your homeowner's association allows them.