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start fishing to unwind

Practicing Good Golf Etiquette On Your Golf League

Danielle Baker

If you've been asked to be a part of a golf league at your local course, it can be an exciting invitation. While you still may be in the process of perfecting your game and score, how you conduct yourself while playing with others is very important. Practicing the right type of etiquette while you are on the golf course will help enhance your game and the entire experience. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Safety Measures

When you are in a league, you're playing with a group of golfers with an array of skill sets. This also means there are more people standing near the tee box and putting green. It can be a distraction, but you need to keep safety measures in mind at all times. Because club head speeds can be deadly if you hit someone with your club, it's important to check for your league members before you start a practice swing. Practice the same safety measures when you play a ball that happens to go in the direction of other players. Shouting "fore" or another verbal warning can help alert other course players to look for an incoming ball.

Take Consideration Of Other Players

Everyone moves at their own pace on the golf course. In some cases, some golfers on your league may be faster than others. If your group is struggling to keep up with the group in front of you and the group behind you is impatiently waiting, you can ask them to play though while your group gathers themselves. Never skip holes or cause distractions toward other players. If you have electronic devices such as score calculators, GPS or a cell phone, keep the noise minimal so you don't distract someone taking a shot.

Be Prepared

Before your scheduled golf outing, be sure to prepare yourself for the game. This means inspecting your clubs and grips, having the right balls available and making sure that your shoes are comfortable. When on the course, be sure you are always ready to play. Don't make other league members wait for you to decide on a club or calculate your GPS. When you have players approaching from behind, be sure to exit the green as quickly as possible. If you don't, this can hold several players up.

Care For The Course

Unless you play an immaculate game, there is bound to be some divots in the greens. Having a divot repair tool on hand can help you make minor adjustments before the next player takes position. Look out for your league members and their playing techniques. If they make a mess of a bunker or leave ball marks or footprints, ask them nicely to fix the issue right away. Failure to do so and leaving behind damage to the course could result in being kicked off of the league.

Following basic golf etiquette can help your golf game go a long way. You will also establish a good rapport with other players and the course manager. To learn more about golf league etiquette, visit Beaver Creek Golf Course