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start fishing to unwind

How much time do you spend in the outdoors enjoying the fresh air and the many types of entertainment that Mother Nature has provided us? So many people spend a majority of their lives inside without considering what they are missing outside. This summer, maybe you should try your hand at fishing. I have put together a website to help those who are inexperienced casting their lines learn what they need to get started and how to succeed at catching their first fish. Fishing is one of the most relaxing sports for you to enjoy on your weekends after a hard week at work. Give it a shot and you may find that you love it as much as I do.

start fishing to unwind

Breaking The Ice: The Joy of Ice Fishing

Danielle Baker

Fishermen are notoriously dedicated to their sport. For some, fishing is a lifestyle that involves warm breezes, a comfy boat or river bank, and a favorite fishing pole. They hate to see the season end. For the more hardy types, fishing season does not truly begin until the cold arrives and it's time to ice fish. If you love to fish, maybe it's time you tried the sport during the frigid days of winter.


Ice fishing can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. All you really need is an ice auger, a fishing pole, a chair, and layers of protective clothing. For those who want a little more comfort, portable shelters are available along with propane heaters to provide warm, scoopers to dip out the slush, and gaffs to pull out the fish. Ice shanties or even ice houses exist for true connoisseurs. Some of the more elaborate houses even have kitchens and bathrooms. 


Fans of ice fishing find many benefits in the sport. It allows fishermen to enjoy their passion all year long. Ice fishing is also a more social event than other types of fishing. Ice fishing can be done in large groups, unlike warm weather fishing when too many people scare the fish away. Basically, the thick ice means that you can be partying on the surface while the fish are nibbling beneath you. Also, ice fishing allows anyone access to an entire lake, unlike the summertime when only those folks with the fast boats can enjoy all the best fishing spots. If you do not mind hiking, then the entire body of water is yours. Also, many people have excellent luck with fishing in the winter, sometimes catching more than they do in the spring and summer. In Wisconsin, almost a fourth of all fish caught is snagged during ice fishing. The sport is also a welcome change for those folks who hate the heat and insects that the summertime brings. 

If you love to fish but have not tried ice fishing, you may want to sharpen up an auger and take your fishing equipment out to a lake this winter. When the cold winds blow and the ice gets thick, the fishing is good. You can also pack up the entire family and take them along for food, fun, and sport. No one has to stay quiet and fight mosquitoes when they take up this enjoyable pastime. To get your equipment, go to a store like Al & Bob's Sports.