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How To Outfit And Equip Security Guards For Your Overnight Warehouse Needs

Danielle Baker

If you operate a warehouse that sits idle at night, then you need to hire security guards to watch it. However, there might not be a security guard company nearby. Luckily, many individuals are certified to work as security guards, so you can hire them independently of a company. The main thing you will have to do when hiring security guards without going through the normal channels is provide them with the equipment. Most companies will have uniforms and special equipment, but this does not belong to the guards. This article will cover the equipment that you will need to supply.


These are essential for allowing the guards to communicate with each other while they patrol the warehouse. You will need at least one walkie-talkie per guard. You should opt for a high-quality design, one that is recommended for use by EMS, security personnel, and even police. Be careful to not purchase entry-level walkie-talkies that are more designed for kids to play around with. You need one that is rated for heavy-duty work. These are less likely to break should the guard drop them on the floor by accident than "civilian" model walkie-talkies.

Tactical Flashlight

A flashlight is vital for nighttime work. However, you don't want to provide the guards with any regular flashlight. It needs to be a tactical flashlight. These are large, durable and can even be used as a weapon. If you've ever seen the large, black flashlights that many police carry on their belts, then you know what a tactical flashlight looks like. They are made of hard steel or aluminum, not flimsy plastic. They have powerful LED bulbs, which will illuminate the dark night and expose potential prowlers. Finally, if you choose a long tactical flashlight, you will give the guard a non-lethal weapon that they can use if they encounter a hostile intruder. Click here to learn more about where to buy tactical flashlights.

Security Baton

A security baton is a great defense weapon to equip your guards with. They are non-lethal, unlike guns, so you don't have to worry about hiring guards with gun permits and the extra liability that comes with the risk of firearms on your premises. Secondly, a security baton is intimidating. The guard doesn't even have to use it for prowlers to be wary. If some burglar is casing the warehouse and sees guards walking around carrying batons, they are likely to move on from your establishment and find somewhere to bother.

Custom Badge And Windbreaker

Finally, you will need to get badges and custom windbreakers. The badges will identify the individuals as "security." It is important that they stand out from random people so that trespassers know that they are guards and they will step in and intervene in any criminal activity. Windbreakers should also be ordered with the phrase "Security" on the back, as well as your company's name. These can be worn over sweaters (in the cold) or as a stand alone jacket in the summer and spring.