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start fishing to unwind

Enhance Lateral Movement By Properly Breaking In Volleyball Shoes

Danielle Baker

Volleyball is an exciting and dynamic team sport. A lot of adjectives can be used to describe the pace of play. "Slow" or "predictable" would not be among them. The ball moves very fast and players must react immediately to reach the ball before it hits its target, the floor. Players must move in all directions and sideways may be the most common direction. To complement smooth transitions side-to-side, purchasing high performance volleyball shoes, such as those you can get from V B Rags, is a must. The shoes should be designed to support effective lateral transitions and the athlete should break the shoes in to ensure these results.

High Ratings for Lateral Movement

Quality volleyball shoes for sale come with many excellent features. Traction and breathability are critical traits, but they are not enough for an athlete that finds him/herself consistently having to react with lateral motion. Shoes that have been highly rated for smooth lateral movement thanks to their design are going to give an athlete a much-needed assist. No matter how outstanding the shoes are, the athlete does have to break them in a bit to ensure stiffness doesn't impede comfort and the ability to move. Not very many athletes are going to take a new pair of shoes out of the box and run right to the volleyball court for a playoff game.

Still, athletes may make the mistake of not properly breaking in the shoes. Here are some points for those wishing to avoid this mistake:

Perform Solo Practice on the Court

A common suggestion for breaking in running shoes is to wear them around the house. This might be okay for volleyball shoes, but wearing them for light exercises on the volleyball court would be more activity specific. Moving in all directions is important since this is required of players on the court. Those interested in enhancing lateral movement do have to make a priority of that direction when solo practicing.

Wear a Lateral Resister

A lateral resistance band velcro-secured to the ankles builds up the muscles required for lateral movement. The effect of a lateral resister is sure to be felt on the footwear, too. The added stress won't be lost on the shoes' material.

Executing Lateral Jumps

Plyometric (jumping) exercises are not exclusively done in a "jump forward and then jump backwards" manner. Sideways jumps are performed in order to enhance lateral explosion. These exercises also work wonders for breaking in those awesome new volleyball shoes.

Following a few smart steps and giving the volleyball shoes enough time for a proper breaking in period absolutely would lend an assist to players who need to get somewhere laterally and quick.